Find College Money with Scholarships and Grants

Find Money For CollegeSince the tuition fee is getting more expensive, more students than ever are trying to compete to win scholarships. Sometimes, they are asked to fulfill several requirements. The most important requirement is writing an essay. This part could be a part determining whether they deserve to accept the scholarship. It can be said that good essay determines how they will get the scholarship. Therefore, they have to know guidance on how to write essays for scholarships.

The most important thing in writing an essay for scholarship is that they have to show their passion through their writing. When institutions want to give the scholarship, they will decide the theme or topic that has to be elaborated by the applicants. In this case, the applicants have to ensure the judges that they understand clearly about the topic. They must prove it by writing the essay related to the topic in detail. When detailed information is written in the essay, they are regarded as correct people to get the scholarship. Their passion toward the topic is determined on how the elaborate the topic and write it down in the essay.

The second element is being specific. It becomes a common mistake which is usually done by the applicants. They forget to explain the topic directly. Their essay might be very general. If they write the general statements in the essay, they will be considered as people without any specific opinion. Instead of writing the general statements, they can write their own experience related to the topic of essay. They have to keep in their mind that their writing is different and unique. Therefore, the judges are sure that their writing is original. However, they don’t have to forget that the writing should be valuable.

The third element is a thesis statement. In the essay, they have to show their own opinion. Sometimes, the applicants are writing about the background and basic concept of certain topic. Actually, they are too general. They need to state a clear point. If it is necessary, they have to write their thesis statement based on the topic when they have elaborated the topic in previous paragraphs or pages. Therefore, the institution can see their original statement clearly and easily.

The fourth element is showing the accomplishment. Winning the scholarship means impressing the judges. The applicants have to ensure the judges that they are the best candidate to get the scholarship. When they have the accomplishment related to the topic, they have to include or state it in the essay. They don’t have to write all of their accomplishments. They can choose the most essential ones.

The last is a positive energy. The applicants have to avoid writing the essay that is pessimistic, critical, or antagonistic. It doesn’t mean that they are not allowed to write about serious problems. They only need to state the problem and give the solution. This way will not make them concentrate on the negative side. Solutions point out that they have a belief and a positive energy. The essay will indicate that the applicants are optimistic to face the problem. This guidance on how to write essays for scholarships must be followed if they want to win the scholarship.

Top Scholarships for High School Seniors

As a high school senior, you may not think much about the cost of college yet. However, scholarships for high school seniors are everywhere waiting for you to apply. When you don’t apply for them, you have no chance of being awarded, which means you lose out on money you could use towards your college tuition. While this is a very good reason to apply to scholarships for high school seniors, there are many other reasons why you should apply.

Practice Makes Perfect

Applying to scholarships takes practice. At first, you may feel overwhelmed by all of the information the sponsoring organizations asks of you. However, after you get used to it all, you’ll start to think that it’s easy. You’ll even get faster with applying because you’ll have everything you need, and all you have to do is copy all of the required documentation.

Get Them While Competition Is Low

You aren’t unlike many other high school seniors. The seniors around you aren’t thinking of scholarships either. What this means is that they aren’t applying to them. The less people that apply to a scholarship, the more chance you have in being selected for it. If you wait until the summer before freshman year, or after you’ve already started college, you’ll have many more people to compete with, which lowers your chances of getting one. Might as well beat out the competition while you can, right?

Gain Recognition for Your Accomplishments

If you win a scholarship, you’ll be recognized for your academic achievements. When people hear you were awarded a scholarship to college, even if it’s not a full scholarship, they are impressed with you.

Tips on How to Win Scholarship Awards

Now that you know all about the reasons why you should apply to scholarships for high school seniors, it’s time to learn some tips on how to win them.

Tip #1: Make sure you are eligible for the scholarship.

Many people apply to scholarships they aren’t eligible for because they figure that if they meet one of the qualification, it’s enough to win. This is not true. You must meet all of the eligibility requirements for the scholarship for consideration.

Tip #2: Follow the directions exactly.

If the scholarship wants copies of your transcript, parent’s IRS forms, and your most recent report card, make sure you send them in. If you don’t, they won’t consider your application for the scholarship.

Tip #3: Have someone else proofread your essay.

It can be difficult to catch all of your mistakes in an essay you wrote. Have someone else read it to make sure it flows and is free from grammatical errors. You can also try reading it out loud, reading it backwards, or putting it away for a few days before reading it again to catch some of your own mistakes.

Tip #4: Send in the application before the deadline.

The earlier you send in your application, the better. For some organizations, they won’t consider an application that is postmarked past the deadline, or the application reaches their hands after the deadline. It’s wise to request a delivery confirmation as well, so you know for sure it reached its destination.

Tip #5: Apply to as many as possible.

The more scholarships you apply to, the higher of a chance you’ll have of receiving one. Don’t become discouraged if you don’t receive the first few you’ve applied to, everyone feels the same way, but the ones that actually win are the ones that don’t let those rejections stop them.

You Have the Knowledge – Use It

You know why you should apply to scholarships for high school seniors, and you know how to win them, so take what you know and use it. You have so many opportunities to make money for your college education; don’t let them pass you by.